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  • Static and dynamic linear and/or non-linear calculations of bridges, pylons, towers, high-rise buildings, mechanical engineering structures, wind turbines, etc.
  • Vibration analyses for all types of building and mechanical engineering structures
  • Planning of vibration damping and isolation, mass-spring systems
  • Fatigue calculations and determination of remaining service life
  • Static recalculation of existing structures and planning of strengthening and renovation measures
  • Static and dynamic calculation of noise barriers and installations in tunnels (pressure/ suction loads due to train passages)
  • Testing of noise barriers on high-speed lines
  • Earthquake analyses in structural engineering and bridgeconstruction
  • Test statics, especially of bridge structures
  • Special field: Planning and distribution of liquid dampers for vibration reduction of wind turbines and engineering structures



  • Dynamic measurements (vibrations, deformations, strains, crack widths)
  • Natural frequency and damping measurements of stay cables, hangers, bridges, towers, masts, wind turbines, etc. 
  • Measurement of pressure/suction loads along railway lines and in tunnels
  • Static measurements (settlements, deformations, strains, test loads)
  • Crack development in concrete structures (transition state I - state II)
  • Vibration measurements (emission, immission, transmission, admittance)
  • Special measurement techniques (ultrasound, acoustic emission, fibre optics, vibrating strings)
  • Carrying out continuous vibration tests with shakers



  • Monitoring of bridges or any kind of engineering structures
  • Long-term measurements of vibrations and hangers of arch bridges
  • Long-term measurements of stress vibration widths and determination of remaining service life
  • Long-term measurements of crack growth in concrete structures and welds
  • Alerting in the event of limit values being exceeded (SMS, email)
  • Continuous evaluation of measurement data and creation of monthly short reports
  • Real-time display of all measurement data on a homepage



  • Compilation of expert reports on vibrations and secondary airborne noise for EIA submission procedures for roads and railways
  • §31a expert opinion on vibrations and secondary airborne noise
  • Planning of vibration insulation for railway and tramway lines (mass-spring systems)
  • Prognosis of vibrations and structure-borne sound immissions in sensitive workplaces (production plants, hospitals, laboratories, etc.)


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