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Our Company

REVOTEC was founded at the end of February 2014 by Michael Reiterer and Michael Vospernig. In July 2014, Prof. Dr. Josef Fink joined the company as an additional shareholder. REVOTEC is a young, innovative, powerful and interdisciplinary company, active in the core areas of


The name REVOTEC stands for

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Due to our many years of experience, the analysis of complex structures under static and dynamic aspects in particular is one of our great strengths. For our analyses, we link theoretical numerical models with measured values of the real structure and plan measures adapted to reality.

We carry out static and dynamic linear and/or non-linear calculations of building and mechanical engineering structures made of any material (steel, concrete, wood, composite, fibre materials, etc.) and also impact, contact as well as interaction problems (building - soil, etc.) are part of our wealth of experience.


Our employees are qualified engineers with university or technical college degrees who love a challenge and are highly committed. For the special requirements that our projects entail, we must be able to rely on employees who have the courage to work independently and are reliable team players at the same time.

The permanent team of REVOTEC currently includes four engineers. If necessary, REVOTEC also has access to a wide network of freelancers and company partners.


Our goal is to grasp the essence of the problem in the required depth and to develop solutions that meet the technical, economic and functional requirements.

This demanding goal can only be achieved with constant further development and with the permanent examination of the current state of the art in science and technology. The cooperation with research institutes is an important factor for us and therefore we have a corresponding network.


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